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Hotel Arina R.
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We welcome you to our hotel in Pushkinskiye Gory

Pushkinskiye Gory (Pushkin's Hills), a small corner of Russia inspired by the genius of Alexander Pushkin is famous for its fascinating beauty and poetic magnetism.

A wonderful new hotel has been recently opened in a village of Bugrovo, nearby Pushkinskiye Gory.

The hotel was named after Pushkin's nanny Arina Rodionovna who served him devotedly. This is a unique literary hotel with a remarkable, warm atmosphere and encouragement of our guests that one will certainly enjoy.

The hotel "Arina R" in Bugrovo will bring Pushkinskiye Gory closer to every Russian. Tourists will be able to make express-tours to Pushkinskiye Gory and museums of the Pushkin's Preserve – Mikhailovskoye manor, Trigorskoye manor, Petrovskoye manor, as well as enjoy relaxing vacations with no rush in the majestic surroundings.

If you plan a tour to Russia, you would undoubtedly want to come to this fairy-tale place - Pushkinskiye Gory. You can walk in the park of Mikhailovskoye manor where you’ll be charmed by the meadows that once inspired Alexander Pushkin. You may approach the mystery of Pushkin's genius and pay your tribute at his grave in Svyatogorsky monastery and after all find escape from the city hustle in such a charming place as "Arina R" hotel.

Luxurious landscapes and poetic atmosphere of Pushkinskiye Gory complement every tour to Pskov, Pechory or Izborsk. Those sightseeing pearls of the Pskov region are plaited into the necklace of the Russian history by knowledgeable guides. In case of your tiredness "Arina R" will offer you comfortable pleasant accommodation to regain your strength and continue cultural exploration of the Pskov land which is so rich for touristic discoveries.

Hotel "Arina R" welcomes footworn wanderers and is ready to offer them the up-to-date facilities worthy both capitals, but provided in a specific "literary' atmosphere. "Arina R" hotel attracts its guests by excellent service, the atmosphere of a 19-th century manor and facilities of a three-star hotel. The trendy interior of the hotel does not interfere with the spiritual harmony so common for Pushkinskiye Gory.

We would be very glad if you choose "Arina R" hotel during your trip to Pushkinskiye Gory.

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